cost of azoospermia in Kiev

Everything you need to know about Azoospermia Treatment in Ukraine

Azoospermia Treatment at an economical Azoospermia cost in Ukraine

Azoospermia is a severe male infertility condition in which the man fails at making the woman pregnant due to the absence of sperms in the seminal content. For a healthy pregnancy to take place, it is crucial for the man to make adequate amount of healthy sperms for penetrating and fertilizing the eggs. However, some men are unable to produce the required quantity of sperms owing to various health issues. If the male partner has azoospermia, it is advisable to take the help of azoospermia treatment if they wish to have a baby.

Male infertility is not a rare thing as opposed to the preconceived notion, as almost 50% cases of infertility are attributed to men and azoospermia leads to around 10-15% cases of male factor infertility. Infertility is the problem that prevents a couple from conceiving in spite of the recurrent attempts and male infertility is when the cause behind infertility is the male partner’s inability to make healthy sperms or other reproductive health issues. No matter the cause behind your infertility, our fertility experts at Fertility Centre Ukraine effectively monitor the condition of the patient in order to find out the exact cause of infertility and make sure that they achieve pregnancy. The fertility specialist and other medical experts associated with us provide their services at a reasonable azoospermia cost in Ukraine and with high chances of success.

Are you a suitable candidate for Azoospermia treatment in Ukraine?

The major reason why a man fails at making his woman pregnant is the ineffective quality and quantity of the sperms. Azoospermia is one of the sperm deficiency conditions in which the amount of sperms found in the seminal fluid of a man is almost negligible. Our specialists at the network perform a comprehensive diagnosis on the sperm sample provided by the man in the process of semen analysis. They provide the best-quality azoospermia treatment at a low cost of azoospermia in Ukraine.

Following are some conditions that indicate that a man has azoospermia.

  • Abnormal color of the semen
  • Extremely low production of healthy sperms
  • Unusual morphology of the sperms
  • Bad or strange smell of the ejaculated semen
  • Difference in the quantity and consistency of the sperms

What happens during Azoospermia treatment in Ukraine?

cost of azoospermia in Ukraine
cost of azoospermia in Ukraine

There are mainly two types of azoospermia, which are obstructive azoospermia and non-obstructive azoospermia. Our fertility specialists execute the best course of azoospermia treatment on the man with the purpose of retrieving sperms from their testicles. Obstructive azoospermia is when there is a blockage in the male’s reproductive tract. On the other hand, in non-obstrucitve azoospermia, there is an insufficient or very low production of sperms.

For treating azoopsermia, TESA (testicular sperm aspiration) is the most effective and generally performed treatment. The TESA treatment is usually done in combination with other advanced fertility treatments such as ICSI. In the process of TESA, minor surgical intrusion is required and a very little pain and discomfort is experienced by the patient.

Apart from TESA, PESA (Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration) is another method for extracting the sperms of the patient in which a sharp needle is placed inside the scrotum of the man for aspiring the sperms from the epididymis. The other method for extracting sperms include SSR (Sperm Surgical Retrieval); a method where the sperms are aspired from the epididymis with the aid of a sharp needle. The collected sperms are transferred to the next stage of the fertility treatment such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, IMSI, etc.

Where to find affordable cost of Azoospermia Treatment in Ukraine?

In order to get the effective price range for azoospermia treatment, it is important that you list down all the fertility clinics or hospital in your area and select the one that offers reasonable cost with high success rates. Fertility Centre Ukraine is a popular medical travel agency in Ukraine that offers the most affordable costs for different types of fertility treatments along with the services of the finest fertility experts.

The cost of azoospermia in Ukraine ranges between USD 700 to USD 900 and is the most reasonable price range for undergoing the treatment. The aforementioned cost includes the cost of the hospital, the cost of the surgeon, the cost of the treatment, and other managerial costs. Our sensible price range and the services of adroit fertility specialists and surgeons is the reason that impels the international patients to pick Ukraine for their fertility treatment.

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