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Surrogacy is a process that involves an arrangement wherein the intended parents or infertile patients hire a woman called the surrogate mother that pledges to carry a pregnancy on their behalf. This allows infertile couples to become parents who are due to many reasons cannot carry a successful pregnancy to term. The child born through surrogacy becomes the legal child of the intended parents and the surrogate mother revokes all parental rights on the child.

Fertility Centre Ukraine is an eminent surrogacy agency in Kiev with the main objective of providing success to the infertile patients who undergo fertility treatments at our network fertility hospitals. Our medical professionals are highly experienced in performing the best-quality treatment and utilize the most advanced reproductive treatments for operating the patients.

Our surrogacy agency is located in Kiev and we offer top-quality surrogacy services in Kiev at the lowest cost possible. Kiev is a famous city in Ukraine having the best cultural and industrial standards. The capital of Ukraine has the best historical attractions, exquisite churches, and affordable food places and now the finest fertility clinics.

We are a popular medical tourism company in Kiev associated with the best fertility experts and specialists having a great deal of experience in performing the best surrogacy processes. Our medical experts work devotedly to build the family of the infertile patients who trust us with their fertility treatment. Our team at the network hospital assures the finest treatment experience to the patients at a low price.

We work closely with the best fertility hospitals and specialists over the world and our patients get to choose the best fertility hospital that best fits their requirements without paying much. Our surrogates are properly screened and their physical and other attributes are comprehensively evaluated for matching our strict standards. Besides the exemplary services, our success rates for different types of surrogacy treatments are highest in Kiev, which is why patients from developed nations pick us for obtaining surrogacy treatment.

Best Surrogacy Agency in Kiev 2020
Best Surrogacy Agency in Kiev

Different types of surrogacy processes at the best Surrogacy Agency in Kiev

Surrogacy is a transparent and legally backed surrogacy arrangement in Kiev and we offer cost-effective treatment for different types of surrogacy treatments in Kiev. There are mainly two types of surrogacy treatment in Kiev, which are traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy.

Let us briefly understand the two surrogacy arrangements in Kiev

Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy at the surrogacy agency in Kiev is a process whereby the intended parents take the assistance of IVF and a surrogate mother for having a baby. At the beginning of gestational surrogacy, the intended parents are asked to provide their male and female gametes for the process of fertilization. The eggs and the sperms are mixed in a laboratory petri dish and as a consequence, one or more embryos are formed.

Then, the surrogate mother is invited to execute the rest of the process in which the embryo(s) is implanted inside her uterus in the process of embryo transfer. Eventually, she attains pregnancy after 14 days that is confirmed with the help of some pregnancy tests. The surrogate has to transfer the legal right of the child to the intended parents upon its delivery as they get the tag of legal parents of the child. It is a widely used surrogacy arrangement as it provides the benefit of having a biologically related child provided the gametes of intended parents are used in the process.

Traditional Surrogacy

Another surrogacy arrangement is traditional surrogacy that involves artificially inseminating the surrogate mother with the father’s sperms or donor sperms. The doctor directly injects the sperms into the surrogate mother’s uterus by employing a sharp needle. In the end, lab tests and blood tests are performed on the surrogate mother to confirm the occurrence of pregnancy. The surrogate mother carries the baby to full term and delivers it to the intended parents in due course.

It is a legal process in Kiev as the involved parties undergo a legally binding agreement that describes their role and responsibilities in the process of surrogacy. The treatment is less favorable as it does not offer the benefit of sharing genetic ties with the baby. However, the intending father can share his blood with the baby if his sperms are used for insemination.

Choosing the best Surrogacy Agency in Kiev

Fertility Centre Ukraine is the best medical tourism agency in Kiev that offers the economical cost of surrogacy treatment and the highest chances of success in the fertility treatment. We have tie-ups with the best surrogacy specialists and doctors that are known for performing successful surrogacy treatments in Kiev. Also, our surrogates are chosen after performing extensive diagnosis and medical testing and our patients get to pick the best surrogate mother profile that suits their specific requirements.

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