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Surrogacy is an extensively performed fertility treatment that involves a woman called surrogate mother who agrees on the prospect of carrying a pregnancy to term for the intended parents. Once the baby is born, the surrogate transfers the guardianship of the baby to the intended parents. It is a complex treatment process that requires the involved parties to undergo a legally binding agreement where they provide their consent as to their roles in the surrogacy treatment.

One of the major things that decide the probability of the patient attaining success in their surrogacy treatment is the fertility centre that they choose for undergoing their fertility treatment. It is important to choose a clinic that offers the services of the best surrogates that are selected after comprehensive screening and medical diagnosis.

The reason why a couple has to opt for fertility treatment is infertility; a condition that affects the ability of a couple to get pregnant in spite of recurrent attempts of trying to conceive for a year. Surrogacy is an advanced fertility treatment option for couples where the female partner cannot carry a pregnancy due to various health reasons and needs the assistance of a surrogate in order to have a child.

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Fertility Centre Ukraine is the best medical travel agency in Ukraine having the best surrogacy centre in Ukraine. We work in conjunction with the best fertility specialists possessing considerable experience in offering the best quality fertility treatment at a reasonable price. Our fertility experts accurately diagnose the condition of the patient and suggest the most appropriate course of fertility treatment to the patients.

The Procedure of Surrogacy in Ukraine

Best Surrogacy Centre in Ukraine 2020

The process of surrogacy in Ukraine at the best surrogacy centre in Ukraine depends on the type of surrogacy arrangement chosen by the intended parents. There are two main surrogacy procedures, gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy in which gestational surrogacy is more famous as it offers the added benefit of having a genetically related child.

In the process of gestational surrogacy, the couple has to first undergo IVF treatment where the eggs and the sperms are received from the intended parents for combining them in a laboratory petri dish. The sperm penetrates and fertilized the egg and the mixture turns into an embryo after some time. The next step involves the surrogate mother as the formed embryo gets implanted inside her uterus in the procedure of embryo transfer.

The concerned parties in the treatment undergo an agreement or legally binding contract whereby they agree to perform their role in the treatment. The surrogate has to give up the custody of the child at the time of delivery. The intended parents have to take the responsibility of the child and are considered as the legal parents of the child.

Gestational surrogacy is preferred over traditional surrogacy because, in traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother is artificially inseminated with the intended father’s sperms and therefore, uses their own eggs for achieving pregnancy. This makes the treatment less favorable as the intended parents do not get the facility of having a biologically related child. However, the intended father may share genetic ties with the baby provided his sperms are used in the traditional surrogacy treatment.

What Makes us the Best Surrogacy Centre in Ukraine?

Fertility Centre Ukraine is a world-renowned fertility centre in Ukraine that operates with the best fertility specialists and surrogacy doctors across the world. Our patients get to choose the best surrogacy clinic in Ukraine that matches their requirements and that too, at a reasonable price range. Our fertility experts make sure that the patients receive the superlative-quality treatment that produces the desired outcomes.

Our main aim is to help our patients in having the best results in their fertility treatment and rejoice in the joy that we see on their faces when they first time hold their baby. Infertility is a severe condition that makes the life of the couple miserable as they cannot have a baby due to several known and unknown reasons. Therefore, the couple has to take the assistance of a fertility treatment that will assist them in completing their family.

Best Surrogacy Centre in Ukraine 2020

We offer the best quality of different types of fertility treatments in Ukraine and our team put concerted efforts in ensuring that patients get a satisfactory treatment experience. We have the best surrogacy centre in Ukraine with the first-class infrastructure. Our patients experience the best treatment along with great amenities and facilities. We make certain to provide all the treatment procedures to the patients at a single place so they don’t have to go place to place for different treatments.

Furthermore, we have the lowest cost for surrogacy treatment in Ukraine, which is why patients from other developed nations choose us to acquire affordable surrogacy treatment services. We also have the highest success rates for surrogacy treatment in Ukraine. Our high success rates and the availability of the best surrogates are the reason that makes us the best surrogacy clinic in Ukraine.

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