Embryo Donor Cost in Ukraine

Where to Get Affordable Cost of Embryo Donation in Ukraine?

The effective procedure of Embryo Donation in Ukraine

 Often referred to as embryo adoption, embryo donation is a process of using the embryos formed by some other couple for the purpose of helping the infertile couples grow their family. The process of embryo donation is becoming increasingly popular as it aids in improving fertility and chances of conception of the people who do not have a sufficient quantity of healthy eggs or sperms.

Embryos are created by the application of IVF treatment; the most famous and extensively used fertility treatment that involves combining the eggs with the sperms in a laboratory setting. The mixture results in the formation of embryos, which are then kept and frozen so that they can be used by some other couples who need them. The child born through the use of a donated embryo is considered the child of the coupes who used the donated embryo and not the couples who created the embryo.

The healthy embryos received from the process of embryo donation substantially increase the chances with which a person attains pregnancy. It is the best fertility treatment method for couples who did not get success with the help of other fertility treatment or are inefficient at producing adequate and healthy sperms or eggs required for building healthy embryos. Our embryos are extremely healthy and undergo a comprehensive testing process before transferring them to the recipient’s uterus.

Fertility Centre Ukraine is a prominent fertility services provider company in Ukraine offering the services of well-qualified fertility specialists possessing substantial experience providing the supreme quality fertility treatments to the patients. We have a team of adroit fertility specialists, lab technicians, embryologists, urologists, IVF experts, and other highly experienced team members. We offer a reasonable embryo donation cost in Ukraine and make sure that the patients get successive results in their fertility treatment without paying much.

Who can use the donated embryos?

Utilizing donated embryos for achieving pregnancy is one of the best fertility treatment options for increasing the chances of a healthy pregnancy. Also, other couples who underwent IVF treatment wherein they produced more than one embryo, they can choose to freeze the leftover embryos so that the other couples can use them later. The reason for producing more than one embryo in the IVF treatment is to increase the likelihood of pregnancy.

egg donor cost in kiev
Embryo Donor Cost in Ukraine

Using donated embryos is the best option in the following situations.

  • Couples who are inept at making healthy sperms or fertile eggs can use the donated embryos.
  • Female with a diminished ovarian reserve.
  • Female who had a premature ovarian failure.
  • Single women, who do not have a sufficient quantity of healthy eggs, can get pregnant using donated embryos.
  • Couples who experienced failure using other fertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, etc.
  • Female with ovulatory problems or dysfunctional ovaries.
  • Couples with ineffective gamete production
  • Couple with a genetic disease that can get transmitted to the embryos produced by them, can use embryo donation.

What does the process of embryo donation involve?

The embryo donation process involves the use of IVF treatment for forming the embryos. In IVF, the sperms and the eggs are mixed in a petri dish in a lab for effectuating fertilization. The fertilization leads to the formation of one or more embryos, which can be used for the next step of the IVF treatment and the leftover embryos remain in the lab for future use. Whereas in the IVF treatment, the formed embryo gets implanted inside the recipient’s uterus when it attains maturity, but the embryos to be used for donations are kept frozen in a lab so that they can be used in the future.

Before beginning the process of embryo donation, our doctors explain to the patient about the process and the intricacies involved in the treatment. For using the donated embryos, they are unfrozen and undergo a comprehensive testing process for analyzing them for their quality and finding any chromosomal abnormalities if there are any. Different lab tests and genetic tests are done on the embryos to identify the presence of chromosomal abnormalities or genetic diseases.

After confirming the good-quality of the embryo, it is thawed for the purpose of implanting into the uterus of the woman. In the process of embryo transfer, the embryo is transferred inside the woman’s womb and some pregnancy tests are performed after two weeks to confirm pregnancy.

Reasonably-priced Embryo Donation Cost in Ukraine

Fertility Centre Ukraine is a prominent medical tourism agency in Ukraine having the best fertility specialists and experts with extensive experience in providing successful results in the various types of fertility treatments. Our fertility specialists use sophisticated technology and equipment when operating patients for their medical treatment. The cost of embryo donation in Ukraine is the most economical in Ukraine that is why patients from developed nations prefer Ukraine for acquiring affordable price range of embryo donation.

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