For some people it is very easy to conceive by own, at the same time there are some couples who face issues and dilemma attaining natural pregnancy. What if the situation comes when a couple after several efforts unable to hold the pregnancy and experience miscarriage? IVF or some other fertility treatment again, what would be the next step? Yes of course a couple has to settle on the fertility treatment but IVF alone won’t work. Then what?

It’s Gestational Surrogacy in Ukraine that would work for that couple who have been experiencing repeated miscarriages (two or three at a row) due to uterine abnormality. Uterus- where the embryo grows and develops; if the uterus of a woman gets severe concern then the embryo could not be able to implant in to the endometrial lining and there the couple has to listen the news of miscarriage.

Gestational Surrogacy in Ukraine is the procedure, where the gestational carrier or surrogate mother carries the baby of an intended mother up to the delivery. Once the delivery becomes, the surrogate hands-over the newborn to the actual parent of the baby. Surrogacy procedure is the longest procedure of assisted reproductive technique that takes approximate ten to eleven months (including the IVF treatment of the intended couple and the pregnancy term of the surrogate). There are few formalities that required to be done by the surrogate and the intended couple (such as signing the bond, agreement, payment procedure of the surrogacy with the team of the Fertility Centre Ukraine and etc.).

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You must be waiting for the main topic of this page – Cost of Gestational Surrogacy in Ukraine. Here we are providing the sufficient detail of the packages of gestational surrogacy available in the Ukraine.

Gestational Surrogacy in Ukraine – Brief Description

Cost of Gestational Surrogacy in Ukraine 2020

Gestational surrogacy in Ukraine is no doubt the most costly Assistive Reproductive procedure (ART), one of the most successive arrangements managing fertility problem and childless tag. Gestational surrogacy is accomplished using the couple’s own medical component (sometimes with donors) by IVF system that implies retrieving the female's egg and mixing it with the partner’s sperms on the culture dish in the fertility lab. At that point after treatment, the fertilized egg or embryo is set in the uterus of Surrogate mother who needs to simply convey the pregnancy, and carry the baby for the intended couple.

During Gestational Surrogacy in Ukraine, infant has a place with his/her own folks not to the surrogate mother, as egg and sperm are gotten from the expected accomplice so the infant is hereditarily and naturally have connection with claim guardians. Surrogate needs to simply hold the pregnancy solid in her womb.

On an Average the Cost of Gestational Surrogacy in Ukraine is

Intended Parents should spending plan for a normal expense of surrogacy going from $33,000, with an understanding the range depends on changing surrogacy program (like surrogacy with donor eggs, or with donor sperm) and charges that might be required for every individual circumstance. This incorporates the surrogate mother charge, the surrogacy agency charge, the expense of IVF and fertility medicines just as valuing for lawful, travel and different costs.

We perceive that the Cost of Gestational Surrogacy in Ukraine is a costly procedure; however we are focused on ensuring your budgetary and passionate speculations, and are satisfied to offer a foundation of straightforwardness and security for the entire process of gestational surrogacy in Ukraine. An extensive value plan, enumerating the expenses of utilizing a surrogate mother, will be given during your individual conference.

On an average, the Gestational Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine is USD 32,000 to USD 33,000.

Gestational Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine includes –

  • The Surrogate compensation (fee)
  • The surrogacy company charge
  • IVF method during the surrogacy
  • Fertility medication and hormonal injection
  • The cost of legal arrangement and contract
  • Surrogate’s expenses and centre’s visit

Standard Surrogacy Package of Gestational Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine

Cost of Gestational Surrogacy in Ukraine 2020

The Gestational Surrogacy in Ukraine programme incorporate essential administration: clinical assessments, surrogate’s screening and genetic testing, IVF, pregnancy observing, settlement, desk work for a newborn and intended parent.

The more costly the program, the more choices it incorporates. In "Assurance" we do PGD, offer sexual orientation choice, give care to untimely children, and so forth (if you want Surrogacy with PGD then there would be high cost compared to the basic surrogacy cost). In correlation with different nations, Ukraine offers moderately modest gestational surrogacy.

The Gestational Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine is much lower than other places in European countries. Simultaneously, the necessities for treatment are determined in the enactment; in this way, it is done by the best expectations and just in licensed centres provided by the Fertility Centre Ukraine.

There are three to four various packages of Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine, let’s apprehend all the programs coupled with the surrogacy programs. We offer three Surrogacy Programs in Ukraine –

  • Super –Economy
  • Standard Surrogacy Package
  • Standard VIP Surrogacy
  • Lux Total Care Surrogacy

On the basis of your budget, we have the above program available which has different Cost of Surrogacy in Ukraine.

Gestational Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine

Cost in USD

IVF procedure using own egg (Stimulation cost, ultrasounds etc.)

USD 6500- USD 7500

Medical assessment Surrogate’s pregnancy care

USD 4000- USD 5000

Surrogacy agreement (Contracts, agreement, birth certificate, legal support, forms and applications etc.)

USD 5000 – USD 6000

Gestational Surrogacy using Self-Eggs Estimated Cost of Surrogate’s compensation, allowances and standard reimbursements

USD 15,000


USD 32,000-USD 33000

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