Ukraine has become one of the famous destinations for foreign intended couples seeking the best and affordable fertility services. Talking about the most preferred fertility treatment in Ukraine is IVF and Surrogacy. Well at this leaf, you will get all the relevant information associated to Surrogacy and Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine.  If you have been recommended by the specialist for an IVF methodology then you can visit the page of our IVF cost Ukraine too.

Fertility treatment, which has taken a prominent name serving the childless couples most awaited gift in the form of their newborn, is Surrogacy treatment – the most advanced ART technique.

Surrogacy is the best option for those females, who are unable to carry the child in her womb due to severe uterine issues (or endometrium problem). Surrogacy service in Ukraine became legal in 2002 for the foreign intended couples who want the surrogate to accomplish their dream of being parent.

On an average the Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine is around USD 32,000 to USD 33,000 compared with this cost between USD 75,000 and USD 110,000 in the United States and other countries. Yes you got right, Ukraine offers a way much lower cost of Surrogacy procedure to the intended couples. There are certain laws linked with the surrogacy procedure in Ukraine required to be followed by all the couples seeking for the surrogacy method in Ukraine.

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Standard Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine – Relax! It’s not that Pricey

Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine 2020

Intended couples should have at least USD 32,000 for an average Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine, with the knowledge that the surrogacy cost in Ukraine can vary on the basis of the fertility issues of an intended couple. Why so? This is because sometimes the intended couple seeks surrogacy with an egg donor or sperm donor, by this time, the total Cost of Surrogacy in Ukraine increases.

The basic or standard Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine is USD 32,000 to USD 33,000.

Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine includes –

  • The Surrogate compensation (fee)
  • The surrogacy company fee
  • IVF procedure during the Surrogacy
  • Fertility medication and hormonal injection
  • The cost of legal arrangement and contract
  • Surrogate’s expenses and centre’s visit

The team of Fertility Centre Ukraine understands the entire cost of surrogacy is a expensive process; however we are stanch to protecting your monetary and emotional investments, and are delighted to offer intended couple a platform of transparency and safety for this long journey. A comprehensive rate schedule, detailing the expenses of the usage of a gestational surrogate, will be detailed during the consultation with our specialist.

The Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine is performed in stages (as per the regulation of the centre); an intended couple needs not to be worried about the one-time payment mode in the best surrogacy centres in Ukraine. The sum amount of surrogacy has exact time and stag to be given by the couple.

Different Surrogacy Packages available in Ukraine

Surrogacy is the procedure this is achieved with the help of IVF ART technique, wherein the couple offers their eggs and sperm for IVF fertilization to accomplish the surrogacy process. An intended woman has to go through all of the method identical as IVF till follicular-aspiration.

Once the eggs get accumulated through the fertility crew of the team of Fertility Center Ukraine, the very next stage is fertilizing with the partner’s sperms. And then the healthiest embryo selected for embryo transfer into the surrogate’s uterus for the implantation and then being pregnant.

The later procedure of surrogacy is then carried out via the surrogate mother Ukraine. She will be within the guidance of the fertility centre, getting all the checkups, ultrasounds, regular health-check, and the clinical examinations- carefully.

Yes, there are three to four various packages of Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine, let’s apprehend all the programs coupled with the surrogacy programs. We offer three Surrogacy Programs in Ukraine –

  • Super –Economy
  • Standard Surrogacy Package
  • Standard VIP Surrogacy
  • Lux Total Care Surrogacy

On the basis of your budget, we have the above program available which has different Cost of Surrogacy in Ukraine.

Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine 2020

Self-egg Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine

Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine

Cost in USD

IVF procedure using own egg (Stimulation cost, ultrasounds etc.)

USD 6500- USD 7500

Medical assessment Surrogate’s pregnancy care

USD 4000- USD 5000

Surrogacy agreement (Contracts, agreement, birth certificate, legal support, forms and applications etc.)

USD 5000 – USD 6000

Gestational Surrogacy using Self-Eggs Estimated Cost of Surrogate’s compensation, allowances and standard reimbursements

USD 15,000


USD 32,000

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