Where to Find Economical Cost of Vasectomy Reversal Surgery in Ukraine?

Supreme-quality Vasectomy Reversal Surgery in Ukraine

Vasectomy reversal is a surgical procedure performs to undo a vasectomy. Vasectomy is a process of male sterilization in which the vas deferens is sealed so that sperms could not enter the semen. This is done to prevent the man from making the woman pregnant. Men who have undergone vasectomy may decide to become parents in the future and for that purpose, they have to undergo a vasectomy reversal surgery procedure. Vasectomy is a surgery performed to cut the two tubes known as vas deferens on each side of the body for blocking the sperms so they do not come out with the ejaculated semen.

Vasectomy reversal surgery allows the sperms to flow again to the vas deferens and mix with the ejaculated semen. The surgery helps in restoring male fertility after the vasectomy and they can try to conceive. It is possible to reverse a vasectomy even after having a vasectomy for a period as long as 10 years or more. Also, there should be a continuous production of healthy sperms so that they can make the woman pregnant after the vasectomy reversal surgery.

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Suitable Candidates for a Vasectomy Reversal in Ukraine

Vasectomy reversal Surgery Cost in Ukraine 2020

Vasectomy reversal is done for the man who has had a vasectomy and due to various reasons, wants to become a parent again. However, there are other different factors upon which the success of a vasectomy reversal surgery depends. Our medical professionals and fertility specialists extensively examine the condition of the patient for making sure whether vasectomy reversal will be a good option for them.

The following are suitable candidates for the vasectomy reversal surgery in Ukraine.

  • Vasectomy reversal is possible if it has been only 10 to 15 years since the vasectomy of the patient. However, patients with a longer time period than that have low chances of success in the vasectomy reversal surgery in Ukraine.
  • If the patient is able to produce enough quantity of healthy sperms even after the vasectomy.
  • It is important that during a vasectomy, only a small segment of vas deferens tube was removed so that vasectomy reversal can be performed on the remainder of the tubes.
  • The patient should only have a vasectomy as a surgical procedure in their groin area and if they had any other surgeries performed in the groin, then a vasectomy reversal surgery may not be possible for them.

The Procedure of Vasectomy Reversal in Ukraine

Before performing a vasectomy reversal surgery in Ukraine, the fertility specialists and urologists will thoroughly examine the medical history of the patient and perform comprehensive medical testing to see if effective vasectomy reversal is possible on them. The urologist will also perform some tests to ensure that the patient makes a good quantity of healthy sperms. Once it is made certain that the man is healthy enough to undergo a vasectomy reversal, the surgeon begins the procedure.

In the surgical process of vasectomy reversal, an incision is made in the scrotum region of the patient to observe the vas deferens where vasectomy was performed. Then, the surgeon pulls out the scar tissue from each end of the vas deferens tubes and reconnects them again. This way, vas deferens starts to function again in the scrotum area and the surgeon sutures the incision.

Vasectomy reversal usually takes around 3-5 hours and the time varies as there is some complex vasectomy that takes time to reverse. It is an outpatient basis surgical process and the patient can leave for home the same day of the vasectomy reversal.

Fair Cost of Vasectomy Reversal Surgery in Ukraine

Fertility Centre Ukraine is a popular medical tourism company in Ukraine offering the best vasectomy reversal surgery with the services of fertility experts and urologists having considerable experience in performing the finest quality treatment. The vasectomy reversal surgery cost in Ukraine comes under the price range of USD 3500 to USD 4000. We offer the most economical cost for vasectomy reversal in Ukraine, which is why patients from around the world choose us for experiencing success in their treatment at a low price.

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