Seeking the Best Egg Donors at a Reasonable Egg Donor Cost in Ukraine

Affordable Egg Donor Profiles Cost in Ukraine

A couple should consider using the services of an egg donor if they did not experience success in the conventional IVF treatment cycle. Infertility is a condition where the couple fails at achieving conception despite the recurrent attempts of trying to do so for about a year. One of the reasons why a couple cannot conceive is the inability of the woman to produce a healthy and substantial quantity of fertile eggs. For this reason, the couple has to take the help of egg donors for effectuating the process of fertilization and eventually, pregnancy.

At Fertility Centre Ukraine, our egg donors are extensively examined before confirming their suitability as an egg donor in Ukraine. We have the best egg donors and offer the most affordable egg donor cost in Ukraine. We have a database of healthy egg donors that contains information regarding the number of egg donations done by the egg donors, the number of successful pregnancies occurred as a result of using their eggs in the fertility treatment, their medical history, their family health history, etc.

You have come to the right place in case you are seeking the services of healthy surrogates at a low egg donor cost in Ukraine. We are a famous medical travel agency in Ukraine having the best fertility specialists adept at effectively implementing the surrogacy treatment in Ukraine. Also, our patients receive the best-quality treatment under a first-class infrastructure. Our team at the network hospital makes sure that patients get comprehensive care during the fertility treatment and are always there to respond to any questions they have regarding the surrogacy treatment.

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Process of Selecting an Egg Donor in Ukraine

Egg donor cost in Ukraine 2020

Our egg donors are properly screened and tested before choosing them for the process of egg donation. In the initial screening phase, two screening procedures are done by our clinic staff and fertility specialists. The team at the network hospital selects the potential surrogates who pass the screening process.

Finding the suitable the egg donor

The first step is selecting a suitable egg donor from the profiles shown to the patients. They can access the files of potential egg donors from the database and choose the best egg donor that matches their specific requirements. Once the egg donor is selected, she once again has to undergo comprehensive medical testing before beginning the process of egg donation.

Stimulating the ovaries of the egg donor

In the beginning, some injections are given to the egg donor for suppressing her natural cycle and aligning it with the cycle of the recipient. During the phase of ovarian stimulation, gonadotropin injections are given to the woman for triggering her ovulation cycle. In the course of the treatment, the condition of her ovaries is monitored continuously via ultrasounds. Gonadotropin helps in increasing the number of mature eggs during the time of egg retrieval.

Preparing the endometrial lining of the recipient

Meanwhile, the egg donor is undergoing the ovarian stimulation phase; the recipient is advised to create a good uterine environment inside her body and for that purpose, she is given estrogen and progesterone injections for preparing her uterine lining for the implantation process.

Egg Donor cost in ukraine 2020

Fertilization and embryo transfer

The eggs are retrieved from the egg donor in a process called egg retrieval. The eggs are then fused together with the sperms in a laboratory petri dish. Once the fertilization takes place and the embryo is formed, the last step is to transfer the embryo or embryos in the recipient’s uterus. After some time, pregnancy tests are done to see if the patient has achieved pregnancy. It takes place within a period of two weeks.

Fairly-priced Egg Donor Cost in Ukraine

Fertility Centre Ukraine is the best medical tourism agency in Ukraine offering the services of fertile egg donors at a low price. Our egg donors are selected after comprehensive screening and medical testing. Our egg donors have great physical attributes that perfectly match the specific requirements of the patients. They are asked about their various interests and talents before confirming them as an appropriate egg donor in Ukraine. The cost of egg donor in Ukraine is USD 2000, which is the lowest cost for availing the services of egg donor in Ukraine.

Besides the availability of healthy egg donors, our fertility specialists are adept at performing the finest quality fertility treatment that produces the desired outcomes for the patient. They are known for performing various successful infertility treatment cases and continue to provide their services at a reasonable price range. Our team at the concerned fertility clinic supports the patient throughout the treatment and ensures that they receive a satisfactory treatment experience.

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