How to Find the Lowest Cost of ICSI in Kiev?

What is Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) treatment in Kiev?

ICSI is an advanced assisted reproductive treatment method wherein a single sperm cell is directly injected into the cytoplasm of the egg for significantly increasing the chances of conception. It is an enhanced version of the IVF treatment performed in case of severe male factor infertility. ICSI involves inserting a single sperm into the egg, this way only the best-quality sperm enters the egg so that fertilization could be easily achieved. The treatment is done when the couple failed at achieving success in their fertility with the other ART methods such as IUI, IVF, etc.

It is usually employed in combination with IVF treatment where obtained sperm cell from the ICSI treatment is injected into the egg and fertilization is attained. The ICSI treatment skips the stage where the sperm has to pass through the egg and permeate the external layer for fertilizing it. This treatment is done to cure certain conditions related to male factor infertility that prevents the female partner from becoming pregnant such as low sperm count, low sperm motility, the inability of the sperm to reach and penetrate the egg, one or more failed IVF cycle, etc.

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How is ICSI treatment performed in Kiev?

ICSI Treatment cost in Ukraine 2020

For executing an effective ICSI treatment, it is crucial that the woman or the egg donor providing her eggs for the treatment to take fertility medicines for stimulating the ovaries so that a good quantity of eggs is available for the process of egg retrieval. In the next step, the semen sample of the male partner is acquired. The obtained semen sample is washed for finding out the high-motility sperm cells.

After collecting the required gametes for the ICSI treatment, the embryologist begins the process of ICSI where the potential motile sperms selected in the process of semen collection are observed under a microscope and a single sperm cell is selected. This sperm is directly injected into the cytoplasm of the egg with the assistance of a hollow needle.

The embryo formed as a result of fertilization remains in lab for another 3-4 days so that it can completely mature. Afterward, the embryo gets transferred inside the woman’s uterus in the process of embryo transfer. Later on, pregnancy tests and ultrasound are done on the woman to confirm a healthy pregnancy.

Appropriate Candidates for ICSI treatment in Kiev

ICSI treatment at a reasonable ICSI cost in Kiev is for the patients who had recurrent failures in their fertility treatment due to various reasons. The treatment helps treat the patients with male factor infertility where the couple cannot attain pregnancy due to male factor infertility.

Here is the list of appropriate candidates for ICSI treatment in Kiev.

  • Men with bad sperm morphology
  • Men with poor sperm motility
  • Men with poor sperm count
  • Men who have undergone a vasectomy
  • Men with ejaculatory problems
  • Men with erectile dysfunction
  • Men having inadequate sperm production
  • Men with sperms inefficient at reaching and fertilizing the egg
  • Men with immune factor infertility
ICSI Treatment Cost in Ukraine 2020

Feasible ICSI treatment Cost in Kiev

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