How to Find the Affordable ICSI Treatment Cost in Ukraine?

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ICSI- the advanced fertility treatment for growing your family

ICSI or Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is an enhanced form of IVF treatment performed in combination with the IVF treatment. It is an advanced fertility treatment that helps in ensuring better chances of conception to the couples or is a treatment performed when the couple did not receive desired outcomes from the IVF cycle.

Childlessness is a sad situation and sometimes a basic fertility treatment such as IVF does not help in curing the problem of infertility. Therefore, the help of an advanced fertility treatment is taken for making certain the occurrence of pregnancy in the next fertility treatment and ICSI is one such advanced fertility treatment.

The process of ICSI treatment involves the injection of a single sperm directly into the cytoplasm of the egg. The doctor selects a single highly motile sperm for the purpose of injecting into the egg; the insertion of a single sperm aid in having better chances of conception. This is the most effective treatment for couples who have had a failed IVF cycle and are seeking a more advanced assisted reproductive technology treatment that will make their dream of having a baby come true.

Fertility Centre Ukraine is a widely known medical tourism company in Ukraine having the best fertility specialists adept at performing the supreme-quality fertility treatment that produces positive results. Our fertility specialists and team at the network hospital make sure that the patient receives a satisfactory treatment experience at a reasonable cost of ICSI in Ukraine. They utilize sophisticated equipment while operating patients for various types of fertility treatments in Ukraine.

Potential Candidates for ICSI Treatment in Ukraine

ICSI treatment is usually suggested to patients who were not able to attain fertilization in conventional IVF treatment. It is the fertility treatment option for couples dealing with the problem of infertility, especially the male factor infertility where the cause of infertility is in the male partner.

Below are the suitable candidates for ICSI treatment in Ukraine.

  • Men with abnormally shaped sperm
  • Men with low sperm motility
  • Men with poor sperm count
  • Men who have undergone a vasectomy
  • Men with problems in effective sperm development
  • Men whose sperms are ineffective at penetrating and fertilizing the egg
  • Couples who have experienced failed IUI or IVF cycle
icsi cost in ukraine 2020

ICSI procedure explained in brief

icsi cost in ukraine 2020

The ICSI treatment process is quite similar to IVF, differing only on the method by which sperm is selected for the insemination process. Before beginning the treatment, the woman undergoing the treatment is given fertility medication for triggering her ovulation cycle. Meanwhile, she is taking medication; the condition of her ovaries is monitored via ultrasounds to track the development of the eggs. Once the maturity of the eggs is confirmed, the process of egg retrieval is done in which the eggs are extracted from the ovarian follicle.

The next step is semen collection where the male partner is invited into the clinic for providing his semen sample. The doctor thaws and washes the sperms for impurities and discards the useless sperms. Out of these selected sperms, the doctor selects a single sperm for the ICSI treatment. The doctor injects the selected single sperm into the cytoplasm of the egg with the help of a hollow needle.

After the fertilization is achieved and the embryo is formed, it is time for the embryo transfer in which embryo is implanted inside the recipient’s uterus. Then, some pregnancy tests are performed within a period of two weeks to make certain that successful pregnancy has taken place.

ICSI is an advanced fertility treatment option for couples with severe infertility issues and is the best treatment for assuring the increased possibility of conception with the help of fertility treatment. The treatment is generally employed together with the IVF treatment when the basic IVF treatment cycle fails at producing the desired results.

Sensible Cost of ICSI in Ukraine

The cost of ICSI in Ukraine is the most economical and reasonable and Fertility Centre Ukraine is the best fertility treatment services providers in Ukraine offering the services of adroit and highly experienced fertility specialists. We are a famous medical tourism company associated with the best fertility specialists and hospitals around the world.

ICSI treatment cost in Ukraine is about USD 5000, which is a fair price you can get for ICSI treatment in Ukraine. We provide the services of the best fertility specialists that are known for performing the most effective ICSI treatment. Our patients experience the best amenities and facilities and receive treatment under a world-class infrastructure. Our fertility experts comprehensively evaluate the condition of the patient and offer the best suitable course of fertility treatment.

Our success rates for different types of fertility treatments are higher when compared to the other fertility clinics in developed nations, which is why patients from developed nations pick Ukraine in order to get the best quality fertility treatment.

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