Is Surrogacy allowed in Ukraine?

The Legal Facets of Surrogacy in Ukraine

Is Surrogacy allowed in Ukraine?

Ukraine is one of the most preferred destinations for surrogacy in the world owing to the affordable prices for the treatment and the services of best surrogate mothers. Surrogacy is a legal process in Ukraine as the Ukrainian law allows surrogacy for married heterosexual couples. It is an extensively performed method of assisted reproduction whereby the intended parents or infertile couples hire a surrogate mother who agrees on the prospect of carrying pregnancy on their behalf. This arrangement comes under commercial surrogacy and the other type of surrogacy is altruistic surrogacy where the surrogate mother provides her pregnancy services on altruistic basis.

Is surrogacy allowed in Ukraine? The answer to this is definitely yes! Surrogacy is a legally backed process in Ukraine as the involved parties in the arrangement sign a contract wherein their roles and responsibilities with regards to the surrogacy treatment are mentioned. Both the intended parents and the surrogate mother have to abide by the instructions stated in the contract and cannot, at any point, refuse to perform their part in the process once they have signed the agreement.

What is the legal process for Surrogacy in Ukraine?

Surrogacy in Ukraine is performed by two methods; namely, gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. And if you are confused thinking ‘ is surrogacy allowed in Ukraine?’ for both the procedures, then yes, surrogacy is permissible for both traditional and gestational methods of surrogacy.

Gestational surrogacy is where the aid of IVF treatment is taken for forming the embryo that gets transferred inside the uterus of the surrogate mother, which makes the child genetically related to the parents the gametes of intended parents are used for creating the embryos.

Whereas traditional surrogacy is a simple process as the surrogate mother is artificially inseminated with the father’s sperms and gets pregnant and carries the baby of the intended parents. This surrogacy arrangement is quite infamous as the surrogate uses her eggs for pregnancy and becomes biologically related to the child. The father may share genetic relations with the baby provided his sperms are used for insemination.

Irrespective of the type of your surrogacy arrangement, Ukraine offers the best and legally regulated surrogacy procedures. But there are certain requirements that the concerned parties have to fulfill for undergoing surrogacy treatment in Ukraine.

Below are the various legal formalities involved in the surrogacy arrangement in Ukraine.

  • The couple has to be married and heterosexual in order to acquire the surrogacy services in Ukraine.
  • The couple has to provide their consent for becoming the legal parents of the child born by the surrogate mother and cannot abandon the child after entering into the process and signing the contract.
  • The surrogate mother is required to transfer all the legal and parental rights on the child to the intended parents and at the same time, revoke any kind of legal rights on the child.
  • The birth certificate of the child is issued in the name of the intended parents as they are given the label of the legal mother and father of the child.
  • Even if donor eggs, sperms, or embryos are used in the process, the intended parents will still be considered as the legal parents of the child.
  • Both the parties have to perform their roles and responsibilities in the process in accordance to what is mentioned in the process and non-completion of any duty can lead to legal consequences.

The best fertility centre for a transparent and authentic surrogacy arrangement

Surrogacy is allowed in Ukraine but only to married heterosexual couples. For undergoing surrogacy in Ukraine, it is important that the couples are facing with the issue of infertility, which is a problem that prevents the couple from attaining pregnancy due to various health and other reasons. Sometimes the woman is inept at carrying a healthy pregnancy to term and has to take the services of another woman who could accomplish this task for them. The woman who delivers child for another couple is known as a surrogate mother; the surrogate takes the plunge of carrying the child of intended parents in her womb and relinquishes any parental rights on the child upon delivery.

Unlike some of the developed nations, Ukraine offers a legally enforced and transparent process of surrogacy in Ukraine. The transparency of the process and the availability of the best surrogate mother is what make Ukraine a perfect place for surrogacy. Fertility Centre Ukraine is the best medical travel agency in Ukraine that offers the best surrogacy arrangement within an acceptable price range. We have the vast database of healthy surrogates that is made after comprehensive screening and interviewing the potential surrogates. Our surrogacy doctors and other fertility experts have ample experience in providing the best surrogacy treatment and make sure that patients get effective results in their surrogacy treatment.


Surrogacy is one of the best ART procedure for having a genetically related child and Ukraine is becoming a popular destination for surrogacy owing to availibility of flexible law and healthy surrogates. Therefore, surrogacy in Ukraine is the best option for couples who cannot carry a child on their own and want a legally trasparent surrogacy treatemnt at the best cost possible.

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