Laser Assisted Hatching Cost in Kiev

How Much Does Laser Assisted Hatching Cost in Kiev?

Effective LAH (Laser Assisted Hatching) in Kiev

Laser-Assisted Hatching is an advanced fertility method performed in the process of IVF treatment for completing the embryo implantation. During the process of IVF treatment, the embryo formed as a result of combining the egg with the sperms has to successfully attach to the uterine lining; otherwise, the couple will fail at achieving conception and pregnancy. For a successful pregnancy to occur, the egg must emerge out of the zona pellucida and effectively attach to the endometrial lining. Due to the hardening of the shell, the egg finds it hard to come out and attach to the endometrial lining. To assist this hatching process, LAH is done at a reasonable Laser Assisted Hatching Cost in Kiev.

During natural pregnancy, the embryo formed due to fertilization reaches the blastocyst stage and its outer shell starts to weaken, enabling the embryo to attach to the uterine wall. If the embryo fails at hatching, then it will result in a failed embryo implantation and the attainment of pregnancy. The hatching procedure is performed in case the patient experiences negative outcomes in the IVF treatment as a consequence of failed embryo implantation. In this case, LAH method is used where the embryologist artificially opens the hardened shell of the embryo, which makes it easier for the egg to break through the shell and attach to the uterine lining.

Fertility Centre Ukraine is a famous medical tourism company in Ukraine that has the best fertility specialists with over three decades of experience in executing the best fertility treatment with positive results. We have the best embryologists that perform the supreme-quality laser-assisted hatching treatment at an economical laser-assisted hatching cost in Kiev. Our fertility experts use advanced equipment and technology when operating patients for different types of fertility treatments in Kiev. Our staff at the concerned fertility hospital makes sure that you receive a satisfactory and hassle-free treatment experience at the lowest price possible. Besides a high-quality treatment, our success rates for various ART treatments are the highest in Kiev, which is why international patients from developed nations choose Kiev for receiving the best quality treatment.

The procedure of LAH in Kiev

The process of LAH first requires IVF treatment to form an embryo. In the process of IVF treatment, the male and female gametes are received from the infertile couples for mixing them in a laboratory setting. This combination leads to the formation of one or embryos. The embryo then undergoes LAH process if it is not healthy enough to hatch and attach to the uterine lining. In the next stage, the embryologist will perform a test on the embryo to find out its maturity stage and in accordance with the diagnosis, he will begin the LAH treatment.

During the Laser Assisted Hatching procedure, when the blastocyst stage of the embryo is confirmed, the embryologist or surgeon thins the hardened zona pellucida by concentrating the laser beam at a single point. The laser beam breaks the shell of the embryo and the embryo gets easily attached to the uterine lining. Our fertility specialists and embryologists are highly experienced in performing the best assisted hatching treatment at a low laser-assisted hatching cost in Kiev. Our embryologists make all their efforts to perform the hatching process similar to that take place in the natural process of embryo implanted, which increases the possibility of effective implantation.

Laser Assisted Hatching Cost in Kiev
Laser Assisted Hatching Cost in Kiev

Acceptable Cost of Laser Assisted Hatching in Kiev

At Fertility Centre Ukraine, we are a world-renowned medical tourism company in Kiev offering highly affordable prices for fertility treatments in Kiev. Our fertility experts make sure that our patients receive first-class treatment at an affordable cost. Our moderately-priced treatments and the services of the best fertility experts is the reason what makes us the best fertility services providers company in Kiev. Our team at the network hospital is always there to assist the patients at each step of their fertility treatment to ensure that they do not face any difficulty while undergoing fertility treatment.

The cost of laser assisted hatching in Kiev ranges between USD 250 to USD 300 that includes the cost of all the processes that take place during the assisted hatching treatment in Kiev. We offer the most reasonable and effective LAH treatment in Kiev with the services of the best fertility experts and under the world-class infrastructure. Also, we have high success rates for fertility treatments when contrasted to that of other fertility clinics in Kiev, which makes us the best option for undergoing LAH treatment in Kiev.

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