Which Fertility Hospital Offers a Reasonable Surrogate Mother Cost in Ukraine?

Get the Services of Fertile Surrogate Mother in Ukraine

Surrogate mother in Ukraine is one of the most popular ART method performed to help couples with the problem of infertility. It is an arrangement wherein the intended parents hire a woman called surrogate mother that promises to undertake the task of carrying their baby and deliver the baby to them in the end. It is a famous fertility treatment as compared to other fertility treatments such as IVF, ICSI, IMSI, PICSI because of the availability of sharing genetic ties with the baby offered by it.

Fertility Centre Ukraine is the best fertility treatment services provider company in Ukraine that offers the services of the best fertility experts proficient at performing different types of fertility treatments in Ukraine. We have a big database comprised of the profiles of best surrogate mothers and our patients get to choose the best surrogate mother that suits their requirements at a low surrogate mother cost in Ukraine. Our surrogates are selected after the extensive screening to make sure they are free from any kind of disease and are in great health.

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Surrogacy is done mainly via two methods gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. In the traditional method of surrogacy, the surrogate is artificially inseminated with the father’s sperms and afterward, pregnancy takes place. It is a less preferred surrogacy method as opposed to gestational surrogacy because in this arrangement, the surrogate share biological ties with the baby. However, the father may become genetically related to the baby if his sperms are used in the insemination process.

On the other hand, gestational surrogacy is a popular method of surrogacy as it gives the intended parents the benefit of sharing genetic ties with the baby. In this surrogacy treatment, IVF treatment is used for combing the eggs and sperms of the intended parents in a laboratory culture dish. This results in fertilization and formation of an embryo, which gets implanted inside the uterus of the surrogate mother. Consequently, she gets pregnant, carries the baby in her womb to term, and deliver it to the intended parents in due time.

Seeking the best Surrogate Mother in Ukraine


There are various factors to consider while choosing the best match for your surrogacy treatment. At Fertility Centre Ukraine, our surrogate mothers are comprehensively screened before confirming their suitability as a surrogate mother in Ukraine. The various screening method involves performing a pre-medical screening, assessing their previous medical history, analyzing her psychological health, etc.

Besides the aforementioned factors, some other crucial factors make a potential candidate eligible to become a surrogate mother in Ukraine.

  • The surrogate should not have any serious health disorders
  • The surrogate should be physically and mentally healthy
  • The surrogate should age between 22-39 years
  • The surrogate should not be accustomed to any bad habits such as smoking, alcohol, or other bad addictions
  • The surrogate should have a BMI of not more than 28
  • The surrogate should have a good and pleasing personality
  • The surrogate should have the experience of successfully giving birth to at least a one child
  • The surrogate should have any kind of mental illness
  • The surrogate should have good reproductive health

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Surrogate Mother in Ukraine

For selecting the best surrogate mother in Ukraine, it is important to find the best fertility clinic that offers the services of healthy and fertile surrogate mothers. Surrogacy is a long and complex treatment process that requires major financial and emotional investment. Therefore, the fertility centre where you choose to undergo surrogacy treatment plays a major role in determining your chances of success in the surrogacy treatment.

You should pick a fertility hospital that offers extensive care and assistance to the patients throughout their treatment without charging them unreasonably. Fertility Centre Ukraine is the best fertility treatment services provider company in Ukraine that provides reasonable cost for both gestational and traditional surrogacy. We have the best surrogate mother profiles that are curated based on comprehensive screening and interviewing of the patients.

Our patient can also choose to meet the surrogate mother personally before they select her for carrying their pregnancy. They can access the various profiles of surrogate mothers for finding out their perfect match. Our surrogate mothers are effectively evaluated for their mental and physical health before confirming their suitability as a surrogate mother. They also possess the experience of giving birth at least to one child.


Sensible Surrogate Mother Cost in Ukraine

Fertility Centre Ukraine provides the patients with the highest quality surrogacy treatment services within a fairly priced range. The fertility hospitals connected with us have the database of best surrogates, which are selected after performing extensive medical testing on them. We offer the lowest surrogate mother cost in Ukraine. The charges for the surrogate mother are included in the surrogacy treatment package. Our low cost for surrogate mothers and the best-quality treatment is the reason why international patients prefer Ukraine for their surrogacy treatment.

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