What is the cost of ovulation induction in Ukraine?

Stimulating the ovaries at a low ovulation induction cost in Ukraine

Ovulation induction is the treatment process whereby various fertility medicines and hormonal injections are given to the woman for stimulating her ovaries for enabling the eggs to mature and release. It is critical for the ovaries to ovulate timely if the woman wants to achieve a healthy pregnancy. Ovulation induction treatment is given when the woman does not ovulate properly due to various reasons such as the overweight or underweight of the patient, hormonal issues, abnormally high prolactin levels, thyroid disease, and other conditions that are not easily identifiable.

A normal ovulation cycle takes place within 28 days and a gap of 22 to 30 days in the ovulation cycle is also normal. However, if the ovulation takes more than 35 days to occur or it becomes impossible for the woman to even assume the date, then it is an irregular ovulation cycle. If the ovulation does not happen at all, then the condition is termed as anovulation and in some cases, when it is hard to predict the date of ovulation, then this condition is known as oligoovulation. Both types of conditions affect fertility by making it impossible for the woman to predict the occurrence of ovulation and eventually, the exact time period for which healthy eggs will be available for fertilization.

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The main aim of the ovulation induction treatment is to enhance the rate with which the woman attains conception with the help of fertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, etc. At Fertility Centre Ukraine, we have the best fertility specialists that offer the most affordable ovulation induction cost in Ukraine along with their high-quality services. Our team at the concerned hospital provides immense care to the patients and is always there to answer any questions that they have regarding the treatment.

Different types of ovulation induction treatment

cost of ovulation induction in Ukraine

The intensity of the medication given to the patient for the ovulation induction treatment varies according to the conditions of the patient’s ovaries. In the ovulation induction treatment, the ovaries are triggered with the use of fertility medicines only. However, in some cases, fertility injections will be given in conjunction with the medication if the medication alone does not work. Our fertility experts carefully evaluate the patient’s condition to provide the best ovulation induction treatment at a reasonable ovulation induction treatment cost in Ukraine.

There are two methods by which ovulation induction treatment is done that are fertility medicines and fertility injections. Most of the patients benefit from the oral medication, while in other cases fertility injections such as FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) injections are given to the patient to stimulate the healthy production of fertile eggs.

One of the most common fertility medicines to induce the ovulation cycle of the patient is Clomid or Clomiphene Citrate. This medicine aids in enhancing the hormonal levels of the woman and triggering the production of sufficient ovarian follicles. These ovarian follicles release eggs once they mature, which are required for the pregnancy.

If the fertility medicines fail to trigger the ovulation cycle, then fertility injections are used for stimulating the ovaries and increasing the production of eggs. The doctor may use the fertility injections in combination with the fertility medication for the ovulation induction treatment.

The procedure of ovulation induction treatment

In the initial phase of ovulation induction treatment, our fertility specialists will perform medical testing on the woman to analyze the variations in her hormone levels, ultrasounds are done to observe the outer layer of the ovaries and to see how ovarian follicles develop.

The doctor will then give the necessary dose of fertility medications to the woman to accelerate the production of healthy and fertile eggs. You will be informed by the doctor about the quantity and dosage of medication given to you. The doctor will perform ultrasounds during the treatment to assess the number and size of the ovarian follicles.

During the time of ovulation, the doctor will recommend you to take the course of fertility treatment or have intercourse for ensuring better chances of conception. They will also suggest to you the suitable time for undergoing the next step in your fertility treatment in accordance with the ovulation induction treatment.

cost of ovulation induction in Ukraine

Suitable candidates for ovulation induction

Ovulation induction is the best treatment option for the woman who makes low levels of hormones at the time of ovulation. It is a viable treatment option for women who have long gaps between their ovulation cycles or who do not ovulate at all. Our fertility specialists at Fertility Centre Ukraine suggest the proper dosage of fertility medication in their ovulation induction treatment after analyzing their condition.

Following are some conditions where ovulation induction treatment is required.

  • When a woman has irregular menstrual cycle
  • When a woman is experiencing premenopause
  • Woman taking the course of IVF treatment
  • When a woman has unexplained infertility

Acceptable cost of ovulation induction in Ukraine

Fertility Centre Ukraine is the best healthcare services provider company in Ukraine that offers the services of the finest quality fertility treatment at a reasonable cost. We offer the best price range for different types of treatments and the ovulation induction cost in Ukraine lies under the price range of USD 200 to USD 800. Our fertility experts perform the best treatment at a low price. Our team at the fertility clinic assists the patients throughout their medical treatment and make sure they do not face any trouble during their treatment.

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