How Much Does Ovarian Drilling Cost in Ukraine?

What is Ovarian Drilling Treatment?

Ovarian drilling is a treatment for curing infertility for a woman having PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Usually, the ovaries of the woman having PCOS have a thick outer layer and produce more testosterone levels than usual. The high testosterone levels lead to irregular menstrual cycles, excess facial and body hair, acne, rapid weight gain, etc. Women with PCOS face a hard time conceiving as the condition of the ovaries makes pregnancy attainable.

Women with PCOS can experience relief by taking certain fertility medicines that help ease the condition of the ovaries and make them ovulate properly; however, ovarian drilling treatment is the only option when medicines do not seem to work. In PCOS, the ovaries produce high androgen hormone levels and have a thicker external layer. The doctor may advise you to lose weight, undergo medical therapies, consume fertility medicines, but ovarian drilling is the only treatment to permanently cure the disease.

During the ovarian drilling treatment, the high testosterone levels produced by the ovaries are reduced by making a crack in the thicker layer of the ovaries. The treatment also makes the ovaries to function properly by effectuating a timely menstrual cycle each month. This improves the fertility of the woman and gives better chances of getting pregnant.

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For receiving the most effective ovarian drilling treatment cost in Ukraine, it is important to extensive research in order to find the best fertility centre. Fertility Centre Ukraine has the best fertility specialists that offer the most affordable cost of ovarian drilling treatment in Ukraine. Our fertility experts have over thirty years of experience in performing the efficacious fertility treatments in Ukraine. The fertility experts at the network hospital put concerted efforts with our team to make sure the best results in the fertility treatment of the patients.

Why you should take the help of ovarian drilling treatment?

Ovarian drilling Treatment Cost in Ukraine

The aim of the ovarian drilling treatment is to revive the effective functioning of the woman’s ovaries and make her ovulate properly. It is a viable treatment option if you have PCOS and wish to get pregnant. However, some of the patients may not experience a normal menstrual cycle or have an absent menstrual cycle even after the surgery. On the other side, some patients will continue to have fertility issues such as blocked fallopian tubes, poor sperm count and motility, or other issues despite the ovarian drilling treatment.

Ovarian drilling produces effective results in the first time only contrary to other treatments and medications given to treat the condition. The treatment also increases the effects of fertility medicines given to the patient during their fertility treatment. Therefore, you should take the aid of ovarian drilling treatment at a low ovarian drilling cost in Ukraine if you are having PCOS or other fertility problems.

How ovarian drilling is done in Ukraine?

In the ovarian drilling treatment, the woman is first given anesthesia so that she does not experience the pain that is caused during the treatment. It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure where a laparoscope enters the abdomen through a small incision. Along with the laparoscope, a light and a camera are also inserted for projecting the clear inside view of the organs on to the monitor in front of the doctor. The stomach of the patient is inflated with carbon dioxide passed through the incision to observe the internal organs more clearly.

Afterward, the surgeon performs the surgery in which a laser is employed for breaking through the thicker layer of ovaries by making small holes. Then, the tissue that caused the outer layer to become thicker is destroyed and the high testosterone levels are decreased. The purpose of the surgery is to restore the normal menstrual cycle and fertility.

Ovarian Drilling Cost in Ukraine 2020

Moderate Ovarian Drilling Cost in Ukraine

Fertility Centre Ukraine is the best fertility treatment services provider company in Ukraine offering the services of adroit fertility specialists with considerable experience in performing finest quality fertility treatment procedures. Our fertility specialists use the latest surgical equipment and tools for performing different types of fertility treatments.

The cost of ovarian drilling in Ukraine comes under the price range of USD 1200 and USD 1400 that incorporates the cost of all the relevant procedures that are performed during the ovarian drilling treatment in Ukraine. Our success rates for various fertility treatments are high when contrasted with that of the other fertility clinics in Ukraine, which is why international patients from other developed nations prefer Ukraine for their fertility treatment.

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