Where to Get a Reasonable Surrogacy Cost in Kiev?

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Surrogacy is the most famous fertility treatment performed to cure severe cases of infertility where the woman is inefficient at carrying a successful pregnancy to term due to various reasons. In this type of fertility treatment, the intended parents select a surrogate mother that best suits their requirements who agrees to undertake the task of carrying their baby in her womb for nine months and deliver a healthy baby to them in due course.

Infertility has become a widespread disorder affecting millions of couples worldwide and more than 30 million couples in India. Surrogacy is one of the advanced fertility treatments besides IUI, IVF, ICSI, and PICSI, for assisting the couples in their journey to achieving a baby. The treatment is performed in two ways via traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. We at Fertility Centre Ukraine, offer both types of surrogacy services at an affordable surrogacy cost in Kiev with the services of our well-experienced fertility specialists and surrogacy doctors.

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Our fertility experts and IVF specialists have over three decades of expertise in performing the most successful cases of surrogacy treatments in Kiev. They utilize sophisticated equipment while operating their patients for surrogacy treatment in Kiev. We have the database of best surrogates that is comprised after extensively screening the potential surrogates for their eligibility to become a surrogate mother in Kiev. We make sure that our patients receive the services of the best fertility specialists and receive treatment under a world-class infrastructure.

Surrogacy Cost in Kiev 2020

Different types of Surrogacy treatments available at a low Surrogacy Cost in Kiev

Surrogacy in Kiev is a legally regulated procedure as the process is supported by legal documentation. Both the intended parties and the surrogate mother have to sign an agreement that describes their role in the process. They cannot deny performing their role at any time in the process as this may have legal repercussions.

At Fertility Centre Ukraine, we offer the two main types of surrogacy arrangements, which are traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. Our fertility specialists are adept at performing various types of fertility treatments with effective results at a reasonable price.

The two main types of surrogacy procedures are explained below.

It is a conventional type of surrogacy arrangement wherein the surrogate mother gets inseminated with the father’s sperms. Afterward, she carries the pregnancy to term and delivers the baby to the intended parents in the end. This surrogacy arrangement is rarely performed as it does not offer the advantage of having a biologically related baby. But the father may share genetic ties with the baby provided his sperms are utilized in the insemination process.

The surrogate mother becomes pregnant and carries the baby to a full term in her womb. At the time of delivery, she hands over the baby to the intended parents and thereafter, relinquishes any rights on the child. The intended parents are considered as legal parents of the child and are given legal custody.

Feasible Cost of Surrogacy in Kiev

Surrogacy Cost in Kiev 2020

Fertility Centre Ukraine is a widely recognized medical tourism agency in Kiev having the best fertility specialists and other medical professionals having significant experience in performing the highest quality fertility treatment in Kiev. Our fertility specialists make sure that the patients experience the best treatment that produces positive outcomes. Our team at the concerned hospital ensures that the patient gets the finest quality treatment and comfortable treatment experience.

The Cost of Surrogacy in Kiev comes under the price bracket of USD 33,000 to USD 35,000 that includes the compensation of the surrogate mother, surrogacy treatment, the cost of other expenses of the surrogate mother, etc. This is the most reasonable price range you can get for surrogacy in Ukraine along with the services of highly experienced fertility specialists. In addition to the quality treatment, our success rates are highest in the country, which is the reason why international patients are compelled to choose Ukraine in order to attain supreme-quality fertility services.

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