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Looking for the Best Surrogacy Agency in Ukraine

Best-quality Surrogacy treatment in Ukraine

A surrogacy arrangement is an arrangement that involves intended parents hiring the pregnancy services of some other woman who agrees to carry the child on their behalf. The intended parents acquire the services of another woman as they are inefficient at carrying out a healthy pregnancy to term due to various health and other reasons. The concerned parties in the surrogacy arrangement undergo a legally binding agreement or contract whereby they agree to perform their roles in the treatment. The surrogate mother cannot deny revoking parental and legal rights on the child upon its delivery and on the other hand, the intended parents cannot refuse to take the baby and becoming the legal parents of the child.

Fertility Centre Ukraine offers highly reasonable surrogacy treatment in Ukraine. The fertility specialists and fertility hospitals associated with us have extensive expertise in providing a comfortable treatment experience to the patients. We have the best surrogacy agency in Ukraine and our patients get to pick the best surrogacy agency in Ukraine according to their specific needs. We provide both types of surrogacy arrangements such as traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy at a low cost in Ukraine. Our success rates for surrogacy treatment are the highest in Ukraine that is why international patients from other developed countries visit Ukraine for receiving the best-quality treatment with progressive results.

For the gestational surrogacy arrangement, the intended parents are required to provide their gametes as the surrogacy arrangement involves the application of the IVF treatment. However, if the intended parents cannot provide their reproductive material, then they can take the help of an egg or sperm donor for the process of gestational surrogacy. The surrogate mother only carries the pregnancy occurred as a result of embryo implantation in the IVF treatment performed in the process of gestational surrogacy.

How does Surrogacy works in Ukraine?

Surrogacy treatment can be done via two methods, which are gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. In traditional surrogacy, the doctor injects sperms directly into the uterus of the surrogate mother. The surrogate then becomes pregnant, carries the pregnancy to term, and delivers the baby top the intended parents.

Whereas in gestational surrogacy, the intended parents are required to provide their eggs and sperms for the IVF treatment. These reproductive materials are combined in a laboratory petri dish, which results in the formation of an embryo. The embryo is transferred inside the uterus of the surrogate mother and eventually, she gets pregnant. She carries the baby of the intended parents in her womb and hands it over to them upon delivery.

best surrogacy agency in Ukraine 2020
Best surrogacy agency in Ukraine 2020

Get the best surrogacy arrangement from start to end at Fertility Centre Ukraine

First of all, the patients are required to visit the surrogacy agency in Ukraine that they choose for their surrogacy treatment where they will receive consultation from our highly experienced fertility specialists. Our fertility experts will inform the patients about the different types of surrogacy procedures and suggest to them the best surrogacy treatment that suits their requirements.

Once you have selected the type of surrogacy, you will be shown the profiles of various healthy surrogates from our big database so that you can find your perfect match. After selecting the surrogate, you and the surrogate mother have to sign a legally backed agreement for confirming your involvement in the surrogacy process. Then, the doctor performs the surrogacy treatment and hand over the baby to you in the due course.

Visit us for finding the best Surrogacy agency in Ukraine

Ukraine has become a preferred nation for surrogacy as the whole process of surrogacy is transferred and regulated legally. At Fertility Centre Ukraine, we have the best fertility specialists and surrogacy doctors with ample experience. We have the database of healthy surrogates that are created after performing comprehensive diagnosis and medical testing on the potential surrogates. Our patients receive the treatment under the finest infrastructures and receive the best facilities at a low price.

The services of skilled fertility specialists and high success rates are the reason why international patients choose Ukraine for their surrogacy treatment. We offer our patients the best surrogacy agency in Ukraine at the most reasonable price range.

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