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How to Find the Best Surrogacy Centre in Kiev?

Get Affordable Surrogacy Services at the Best Surrogacy Centre in Kiev

Surrogacy is a type of fertility treatment that offers the advantage of having a genetically related child without actually requiring the intending mother to carry the pregnancy. It is an arrangement wherein the infertile couples get the services of a woman known as a surrogate mother who agrees to become pregnant and hand over the baby to them when the time comes. Surrogacy is a legally regulated arrangement in Kiev as the involved parties in the treatment undergo an agreement where they agree to perform their roles in the treatment process.

Kiev has become a famous destination for surrogacy treatment because of the availability of best fertility hospitals and skilled fertility specialists. Fertility Centre Ukraine is a widely acknowledged medical travel agency in Kiev having link-ups with the best fertility experts and hospitals all over the world. Our patients receive their fertility treatment under the first-class infrastructure and acquire the excellent facilities at a reasonable cost. Our fertility specialists use modern equipment and techniques for operating patients for different types of fertility treatments.

There are mainly two types of surrogacy treatments in Kiev that are gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. Our fertility experts at the surrogacy Centre in Kiev work diligently to ensure that patients receive a comfortable treatment experience and the positive outcomes in their fertility treatment. Also, our success rates for different types of fertility treatments in Kiev are the highest, which is why patients from over the world choose our fertility centre for their medical treatment. Apart from surrogacy, we also provide different types of fertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, PESA, TESA, MESA, etc.

Various Types of Surrogacy Arrangements in Kiev

During the process of surrogacy in Kiev, depending upon the type of surrogacy arrangement you choose, our fertility specialists perform the best surrogacy treatment within an economical price range. If you are undergoing traditional surrogacy, the doctor uses a hollow needle to artificially inseminate the chosen surrogate mother with the sperms received from the father or a sperm donor. The surrogate mother attains pregnancy and carries the child of the intended parents till the end. The surrogate relinquishes any rights on the child born via surrogacy and transfers the same to the intended parents and they become the legal parents of the child. It is a less preferred surrogacy treatment as the child does not share genetic ties with the parents; however, the father may share genetic ties with the child if his sperms are used in the treatment of traditional surrogacy.

On the other hand, there is a famous type of treatment called gestational surrogacy in which the assistance of IVF treatment is taken for performing the surrogacy treatment. In the process of gestational surrogacy, IVF treatment is performed in which the intended parents provide their eggs and sperms for the IVF treatment. The embryo formed as a consequence of the IVF treatment is implanted inside the uterus of the surrogate mother. After two weeks, some pregnancy tests are performed on the surrogate mother to confirm pregnancy.

Surrogacy Centre in Kiev
Surrogacy Centre in Kiev

The Best Surrogacy Centre in Kiev for the High-Quality Surrogacy Treatment

Fertility Centre Ukraine offers to the patients to choose the best surrogacy centre in Kiev at a low cost. The fertility specialists and doctors associated with us have considerable experience in providing the best quality fertility treatment that assures positive results in their treatment. Our fertility experts use state-of-the-art equipment when performing surrogacy treatment in Kiev. Also, we have the database of healthy and fertile surrogates as it is curated after performing comprehensive diagnosis and medical testing. Our patients are given access to various surrogate mother profiles in Kiev and they can choose a surrogate that best fits their specific requirements.

We also offer the highest success rates for different types of fertility treatments in Kiev, which is why patients from over the world choose our fertility clinic for having positive results in their fertility treatment. Our team at the network hospital offer extensive care and assistance to the patients at each step of their fertility treatment. We have the best medical professionals, fertility experts, IVF specialists, and other experienced staff members that offer the best-quality surrogacy treatment within an acceptable price range.

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